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Crypto Price Manipulation Ongoing, “Crypto Is Here To Stay” And Markets Drop

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5 thoughts on “Crypto Price Manipulation Ongoing, “Crypto Is Here To Stay” And Markets Drop

  1. i feel your pain bro and im with ya , tired of this , last june the big hype was bitcoin futures and that drove the market up to 20k by dec , litecoin was going to moon , then omg was going to moon , then eos , now ripple , and each one has fell since the futures started trading jan 1 st 2018 but unless the traders are sitting there watching each minute they loose cause there’s no ability to put in a bottom or sell orders like other stocks have while trading so its been left alone pretty much, the etf thing was just a scam by the globalists , an opportunity to get their paws on the throttle , control the head and you control the body , simple dynamics , i dont know what the answer is other then hold if you can till the usd falls to zero value and a crash happens … crypto’s have become exactly like holding gold and silver now with the same people controling and manipulating it and our own greed has been our downfall , never should have allowed bitcoin to be traded , nothing we can do unless you can turn back time , the wealthy power brokers of the world will not let go easily

  2. Sorry Bro__Tether was a scam to gather bitcoin,,,,
    most other “stable” coins are too>>> printed out of thin-air ,,,
    like Ripple,,, Rest In Peace

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