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CRYPTO REGULATIONS | Where is This Heading?

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CRYPTO REGULATIONS | Where is This Heading?

Bitcoin Regulation and cryptocurrency regulation has been a hot topic the last few weeks. Crypto regulation has been the talk of the month in the crypto space. In this video, I want to share my thoughts and add to the conversation concerning the SEC regulations, the G20 Crypto Talks and more. I do believe that Bitcoin regulations and crypto regulation is a very important topic – one that deserves much consideration and maybe even a slight change in mindset for many people including myself.

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6 thoughts on “CRYPTO REGULATIONS | Where is This Heading?

  1. What they are going to do Jay is put heat on the platforms, such as what they are doing to Genesis mining. Also if you can’t turn the Crypto into fiat; as of right now, it will be worthless. We need solid platforms that will help raise up the value of Crypto.

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