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What Caused The Market Drop? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

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What Caused The Market Drop? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] –

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (crypto) news for 3/7/2018. A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Market dips once more. Big news involving Binance and Mt. Gox that caused things to head down.

Mt. Gox announcement:
Reddit post about Mt. Gox sell off:
Binance CEO’s Tweets:

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5 thoughts on “What Caused The Market Drop? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

  1. George, Just to get your thoughts on the following. Does the environment like this Mt. Gox sell off to recover funds and pay off creditors detract in the long term to Bitcoin and Bitcion Cash due to the uncertainty of who knows when there will be more sell offs? Is this trust accountable to anyone? They could make other bets now with futures on the CME exchange and make money both ways betting against and then selling Bitcoin to tank the market and make a mint on the exchange. Draining the pond to get a normalized environment for Bitcoin can take a long time and creates FUD when it blindsides the market. Plus there isn’t a lot of love loss with traditional FinTech and banks in this area who could be pulling for creating uncertainty.
    That would lead me to possibly look at Litecoin as a better, more reliable exchange insulated from at least the Mt. Gox trust scenario. Also with the SilkRoad history and “lost Bitcoins” not recovered, there’s an uncertainty of true available distribution of bitcoins. Where as litecoin seems to be raising to the top of my perception as a prime blue chip crypto as one perspective. What are your thoughts?

  2. CREDITS is using md5 for encryption, which is supposed sha256 hashing. Its that bad, even the terminology is wrong. But credits said they can update to sha256 in response. They also used the timestamp for wallet and private key and hash it to make a public key using md5, where md5 was already abandoned years ago for this purpose. That will cause it to be vulnerable to attacks. Its obvious they are new to the crypto space. It was only pointed at as red flags, not a scam.

  3. the way binance has been handling these issues lately is top notch. always keeping everyone up to date via social media and being transparent about the problems. go binance team!!

  4. you know what?? you and ivan rock the crypto info… most of the others are just entertainment..but you know what??!! you are my fave!! XX

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